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pure data patches: version 0.00001beta

This is the first pre-release of the program that manages the Dioptric Studio.

It is literally a mixing unit.

It makes use of TUIO Data coming on TCP/IP port 3333
We use it with ReacTIVision.

It is realeased on a as-is basis, the work is in progress.
for the moment it is quite difficult to use by a new puredata user.

To start the patch open "patchPRINCIPALluca.pd "

It needs puredata, pd extended recent version (above 0.40.3 should be ok)
GEM Library should be at least 0.91.2 because of the use of GLSL shaders.

It needs a quite recent machine - Graphics card has to support OpenGL 2.1 minimum.

This was tried on XP,XP 64, Vista and Ubuntu 8.10

If you modify it, please send us your modifications.

especially if you improve it .

ReacTIVision http://mtg.upf.es/reactable/?software
gem and pd http://puredata.info/


general interface

texts part abstraction

some internal patches